Harim Mountains: Snow and Avalanche workshop in Grindelwald

For the third year in a row the snow season begins with my dear friend Tal Niv, founder of Harim Mountains Snow and Mountaineering school.

It is with great pleasure that I will join him to guide his clients in Grindelwald, as well as educate them to snow and avalanche awareness and management. I am very happy to meet old and new faces among the participants, which are all Israeli ski instructors. 

Once again, I will not be disappointed with their progress as well as with the typical jokes I'm longing for all year long :)

You'll find hereafter a few shots to remember these very pleasant days, although, like everywhere in the northern Alps, snow was cruelly missing on the slopes...

I hope to see you all very soon !

Winter 14-15 ski clothing, ready for the season opener ! As always, "style is everything" ! 
Eiger Mittelegi ridge direct from the hotel room !
A ray of light before dusk on Grindelwald
Off we go !
Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, an incredible trilogy of legendary mountains
First turns of the season
Going wild at lunch break !
Introduction to searching for an avalanche victim. Everyone applies him/herself
End of day 1, nice group picture in the train down from Kleine Scheidegg
3-circles-method has been well understood by all participants of "group B"
Nice and consistent job on finding more than one buried victim in a close area
Meanwhile, the guide is fooling around with the camera... 
Class picture for "group B"
Sharona finishing the work on exam day
Everybody has a drink after the exam, only Khaled is missing. Enjoyed being out there with you guys, ski safe and have fun in the snow, until next time !

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